The scientific programme will be provided with key sessions, PRO & CON sessions, free paper sessions, industry symposia and poster presentations.

EBJIS 2024 Key Session Topics:
  • Current and upcoming strategies to prevent and treat metallic implant infections
  • Innovation impact on BJI (robotics, AI and app)
  • Large clinical trials in Bone and Joint Infection
  • Microbial etiology in PJI and new diagnostic techniques
  • Multi-drug resistant pathogens in PJI: how to deal with this problem?
  • Open questions in 2-stage exchange
  • Painful prosthesis, is it really an infection?
  • Tips for surgery in FRI and PJI
  • Using local and systemic antibiotics in BJI: a match made in heaven?


Free paper presentations:

We encourage participants to submit interesting scientific papers, case reports and clinical studies relating to these topics.  We will also consider papers on any aspect of the pathogenesis, diagnosis, treatment or outcomes of bone and joint infections.  All submissions will be reviewed by the scientific committee and will be selected for oral or poster presentation. 

You can submit your abstract here >>