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Ethical Medtech

We are happy to announce that EBJIS 2024 is compliant with the Eucomed Code of Ethical Business Practice.

For more information please see www.ethicalmedtech.eu 

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At Biocomposites, we are distinct in that our team of specialists is singularly focused on the development of innovative calcium compounds for surgical use.

With over 30 years’ experience and an unrivalled dedication to quality, the products we research, engineer and manufacture are at the forefront of calcium technology. 

We are proud to be driving improved outcomes across a wide range of clinical applications, in musculoskeletal infection, trauma, spine and sports injuries, for surgeons and patients alike.

Please visit www.biocomposites.com for more information.

BONESUPPORT is an orthobiologics company, developing innovative injectable bioceramic bone graft substitutes which remodel to host bone and have the capability of eluting drugs directly into the bone void. BONESUPPORT’s marketed synthetic bone graft substitutes are CERAMENT® BONE VOID FILLER, CERAMENT® G with Gentamicin, and CERAMENT® V with Vancomycin, all based on the novel and proprietary CERAMENT® technology platform. CERAMENT® is used when bone defects cannot heal by themselves, for example in fracture-related infection, chronic osteomyelitis, diabetic foot osteomyelitis, and trauma.

Please visit www.bonesupport.com for more information. 

Heraeus Medical stands for delivering value to the patient, the healthcare professional and the healthcare system through innovation and evidence based medicine in Implant Fixation,  Infection Management and regenerative treatments for bone, cartilage and soft tissue. Over the years the company built up extensive experience in the field of therapeutic support for PJI with local antibiotics and is a reliable and committed partner in all aspects that deal with the management of musculoskeletal infections.

Please visit www.heraeus.com for more information. 


InfectoPharm is a family-owned company located in Germany. With IV FOSFOMYCIN (product names Fomicyt®, InfectoFos® and Fosfomycin InfectoPharm), InfectoPharm offers a therapeutic option to fight severe infections in a broad indication spectrum. It is an antibiotic of it´s own class with unique product characteristics: unique mode of action, a tissue penetration champion, capable of penetrating tissue with poor accessibility with high bactericidal levels with broad spectrum against Gram positive and – negative pathogens including MDR bacteria.

Please visit en.infectopharm.com/international-partners for more information.


EUROPEAN CELL AND TISSUE BANK, a non-profit association, based in Austria. In compliance with the EU directives, we procure, store, processes and distribute tissue, and offer with OSmycin™, a human bone allograft, impregnated with antibiotics (Vancomycin or Tobramycin). OSmycin™ for simultaneously preventing infection and biofilm while reconstructing of bone defects.

Please visit www.ectb.eu for more information.


G-21  is an innovator in the bone cement market for orthopedics and minimally invasive spine surgery bringing strenght to life for every patient.
Commitment, dedication and drive to find modern solutions combined with proprietary patents make the G-21 portfolio unique in the industry. 
The entire product portfolio has been developed in-house and tested through research programs with renowned institutions and universities worldwide.
Located outside Modena, Italy, quality and manufacturing are critical to consistently delivering high-performing cement and accessories to the market in over 45 countries.

Please visit www.g-21.it  for more information